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Cancun Has The Highest Number Of Clean Beaches In Mexico Despite Overtourism

Share The Article Last Updated 4 hours ago Cancun is a highly sought-after international destination that sees millions upon millions of tourists arriving all-year round. Its massive popularity would lead you to think the quality of local beaches is decreasing dramatically – after all, more tourists generally result in more waste and, subsequently, beach pollution. […]

6 Beaches in Europe That Are Actually Warm During Winter

Share The Article Last Updated 13 mins ago Europe isn’t usually the first option for travelers looking for warm beaches during winter. However, there are fascinating sunny destinations that attract many visitors. These cozy beaches are a paradise for northern Europeans, and Americans can definitely understand why when they visit.  From Portugal to Greece, there […]

Record Amount Of Seaweed Washing Up On Miami Beaches

Share The Article Last Updated 43 mins ago Tons of sargassum seaweed have been invading the most popular beaches, including top destinations like Cancun and Puerto Rico, and ruining travelers’ vacations— or at least their beach expectations.  These algae have also arrived in South Florida. Miami Beach has been one of the places where the […]

Top 10 Beaches In The U.S. According to ‘Dr. Beach’

Share The Article Last Updated 56 mins ago Stephen Leatherman, the famous American geoscientist popularly known as Dr. Beach has recently shared the 2022 Top 10 Beach List. The scientist has been reviewing and rating beaches for the past three decades and his results have been very popular across media.  Dr. Beach considers 50 criteria […]

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