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Low Cost Canadian Airline Ramps Up Flights To Winter Sun Destinations

Share The Article Last Updated 24 hours ago Canadian low-cost airline Swoop announced this week that it will be ramping up flights to some of Canada’s favorite winter vacation destinations just in time for the season.  The updated flight route schedule includes new routes as well as an expansion of some already established routes between […]

Low Cost Travel In Europe Is Disappearing

Share The Article Last Updated 2 hours ago Low cost travel in Europe is seemingly under threat as popular airlines like Ryanair, Lufthansa and KLM all limit the sale of cheaper tickets, citing an extraordinary rise in fuel prices amid an all-time high travel demand. Unfortunately, this could signal the end of an era, seeing […]

Your Next Uber is Going to Cost You a Lot More

Share The Article Last Updated 3 days ago Every day it feels like things are becoming more and more expensive. The cost of living is sky rocking across the globe. Airfares are soaring, hotels and Airbnb’s are going up by the day, and fuel costs are hitting record levels. Everything seems to be going up. […]

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