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7.5 Million International Tourists Have Already Visited Cancun and Cabo This Year

Share The Article Last Updated 2 weeks ago Mexico’s tourist records just keep on breaking. The Mexican Secretary of Tourism (SECTUR) released this week that the country has received 13.75 million international tourists between January and August of this year.  The number is 64.7% higher than the number of recorded international arrivals the previous year […]

Cancun Is Officially Mexico’s Number One Destination As It Expects To Finish Year With 25 Million Tourists

Share The Article Last Updated 8 mins ago Proving it is experiencing a remarkable recovery compared to other spots in the Caribbean that reopened much later, Cancun is on track to officially become Mexico’s number one destination, with more than 25 million tourists predicted to be hitting its shores before the year’s up, a substantial […]

The U.S. Is The Last North American Country Of The Free World To Ban Unvaccinated Tourists

Share The Article Last Updated 2 hours ago Although we’re no longer at a stage of the pandemic where strict Covid restrictions are required, especially now that vaccination coverage is high and cases have dipped below the threatening levels, the United States has yet to drop its own travel rules, being officially the last North […]

St. Kitts And Nevis Remove Travel Restrictions While Bermuda Makes It Easier For Unvaccinated Tourists

Share The Article Last Updated 3 days ago Two popular island destinations have recently eased their entry restrictions for international travelers. The Caribbean nation of St. Kitts and Nevis has removed its travel restrictions for tourists, and the Atlantic island of Bermuda has eased some of its travel restrictions for unvaccinated travelers from this week. […]

Los Cabos Becoming The New Cancun As Popularity With Americans Tourists Soars

Share The Article Last Updated 1 day ago Ever since it opened up for tourism following Covid, being one of the first in the Western Hemisphere to do so, Mexico has been smashing arrival records. Its numerous beach hotspots are now some of the world’s most sought after vacations, and while Cancun has seen a […]

American Tourists Will Soon Need To Pay A Fee Traveling To The U.K.

Share The Article Last Updated 4 hours ago After the EU announced tourists will be subject to new travel rules from 2023, requiring them to apply for a permit to visit the Schengen Area, the U.K. decided to introduce its own pre-entry clearance scheme. Pretty soon, Americans visiting Britain will have to pay a fee, […]

These European Hotspots Are Limiting Tourists Due to Overtourism

Share The Article Last Updated 21 mins ago Tourism and travel have made an astonishing return over the past few months. Crippled to it’s core by a global pandemic, tourism around the world grinded to a complete halt for 2 years. Now with an overwhelming amount of tourists visiting European hotspots, countries are taking steps […]

These Are The Top 5 Countries Most Eager To Welcome Tourists Back After Covid

Share The Article Last Updated 56 mins ago Spoiler… 4 of them are in the Caribbean. International travel has been severely affected by the Covid pandemic. While travelers could roam the world freely before the virus emerged, the last two years have been a succession of travel bans, complex entry requirements and strict testing regimes […]

36 Million Tourists Have Visited Florida This Year Driving Hotel Rates Up 40%

Share The Article Last Updated 2 weeks ago Whether it be the sun, sea, the eased health restrictions on the ground, the accessible location, or all the Disney culture and amusement parks, the state of Florida is booming when it comes to tourism. A report was released by the Florida government this week, revealing that […]

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